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Friendly reminder that Emma came out of the closet when she was a baby”

She was sent through a magic portal as a baby because the woman so many people try to insist on pairing her with wanted to murder her. I’m sorry, but there is no goddamn romance in that!


Yeah guys, romance is between a man and the woman he keeps as a captive and abuses! Jeez, get it right!

Remember guys, people don’t change. People. Do. Not. Change. Well, except for Rumple and Hook and August and Neal and anybody with a penis… but… Vaginas don’t change. Vaginas. Do. Not. Change. There is no redemption for anyone (with a vagina). 

Laughing so hard at this. Because when you give men a second, third, fourth and gajillion chance but condemn a woman for eternity, that says more about you than it does about the situation.

The misogyny. It is strong in this one.

Michiel Huisman by Inga Powilleit.


swan queen appreciation week: day 2 • favorite moment
↳ “Hey…”  “Hey …”

Operation Henry … that’s what I’ve been calling it in my head because … he’d call it that. He’d have a better name.

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